The story of DWL

Instead of focusing on pretty color patterns and shiny retail packaging, at DWL we prioritize the majority of our efforts on being “actually” innovative. When developing new products, factors like, material properties, fluid dynamics, manufacturability all receives appropriate attention. A result-oriented focus to deliver products with significant advantages. The entire process from conception, development, design, prototyping, product testing through manufacturing are all executed inhouse, minimizing hurdles against quality and innovation.

DWL refuses to contribute to the rows and rows of different lures at the retail stores, that looks different, but all does the same thing. The name Darth Water Lures sounds different, because we are meant to be different.

Made in the USA!!! All DWL products are manufactured in beautiful northern California.

About the Founder/CEO: For Chong Vang, the idea of Darth Water Lure has been a long-time vision. Merging a career in design, engineering and manufacturing, with his lifelong passion for the outdoors and entrepreneurship.